A Break Up Story


    Let’s talk about sippy cups. If you’re a parent, you probably have a love/hate relationship with them, just like I do. That is exactly why we have come to this important decision in our household:   my husband and I have decided to break up with sippy cups.  So, why the break up? Sure, […]

CupCake Nursing Pads

I nursed Holden until he was 18 months old and am still nursing Grant at the ripe old age of 19 months. I have made a mess of more tanks and bras than I care to think about. Worse though are all the times I have walked around public leaking with no way to cover […]

Girl’s Night Out


Meet the Girls Behind this fun Girls Night Out that Gives Back!    Freckles & Sunshine is a mobile boutique on a mission to help shoppers find something lovely, give back to the community, and SHINE from the inside out!   We are Portia Bowen and MiKael Hassebrock, a mother-daughter team, on a mission to […]

A Little Luck and A Lot of Love


“You guys hit the jackpot!” said the ultrasound technician. Staring at the screen and distracted by our fussing toddler, I uttered, “I’m sorry, what?” “You guys are having twins!” As she spelled it out, I started to cry and my husband, Craig, started high fiving me in pure excitement. He had noticed two “blobs” on […]

Dad’s View: Hide Our Crazy

crazy smile

Now that we’ve all settled into the new school year, let’s get an update on everyone’s lives and see how we’re transitioning from summer silliness to the scholarly sternness of school.  Somewhat like a preview of your pending Christmas card–which I’m sure will be positively prodigious! How are things at my house?     Great! […]

This Motherhood is a Sisterhood

twin families 2

I’m a Type A personality: I like to be in control, I’m a planner and I don’t like surprises. I’m also one of those people who would like to know the future, if the opportunity should arise. However, if my 18-year-old self had known what I know now, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have believed […]

Our Journey

underhills 11-2013

Our journey to twins is an unusual one, but our story is one only God could have designed! As a girl, I always wanted a large family. My mom was the oldest of five kids, and I loved holidays when all my aunts, uncles, and little cousins were around. My husband and I both grew […]

Be Fruitful and Multiply (Genesis 9:7)


We are the Grimes family: Craig, Jennifer, Jackson, Summer, Sayler, and Shyloh. We call ourselves the “Circus of Six” because, most days it’s quite a show for others to watch us. Grab a binky, change a diaper, make a bottle, change a diaper, this one spit up, that one is crying! Change the baby, feed […]