Dad’s View: Good Ol’ Santa

By: Ben Lacy   You know, I think Santa gets an unfairly bad rap these days. Think about it! Most movies (Example: “Bad Santa”) portray the jolly old elf as a bumbling buffoon–-or worse! He doesn’t even get any respect in the classics:  No screen time in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” nada in “Christmas Vacation” […]

Because Mornings Are Tough

School Day!

Mornings are the most difficult time in our house.  This is mainly due to the fact that my husband goes to work very early in the mornings, so I’m left to wake up three kids and have us all fed, dressed and ready to go by myself.  By the time I get to work at […]

BLOOM with Little Einstein’s Montessori School

Hello sunshine and warmer temperatures! All of our LEMS students and staff have been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. To celebrate the new season this month we will be getting our gardens ready. Each class will have their own garden to tend. We are planning on having a butterfly garden, a vegetable garden and […]

nwafoodie :: Always keep a snack pack handy.

By Lyndi Fultz, nwafoodie Mothers, this post is for you.  Indirectly it is for your children as well because we all know if we take good care of ourselves, then everybody benefits. Think about it.  Do you leave the house without Cheerios, juice, or other snacks distractions for your kids?  Of course you don’t.  You’re […]

2014 Camp Guide Preview


Here are a few of our favorite camps for kids this year! The full guide can be found in the May issue of Peekaboo and online at Want to see your camp listed?  Email to be a part of  this amazing resource for parents across Northwest Arkansas!   1. Rogers Activity Center  –  Summer […]

Kids and Chiropractic


Chiropractic is one of the most overlooked health professions in our nation! Messages from the brain are sent through the spinal cord, the lifeline of the body, to every single organ, tissue, and cell, but when the brain cannot send messages to our body due to some sort of interference, optimal health cannot be reached! […]

My Health Home Portal


My Health Home patient portal is a secure online home for Northwest Health System hospital inpatient  health information.  It is designed to help you be a more active partner in your healthcare – conveniently. From any device with internet access, Northwest Health System hospital patients can now view their hospital records on this special, password-protected website. […]

The Rules


by: Ben Lacy How many rules, instructions or directions do you lob at your kids each day?  I made a valiant attempt to count, but quickly ran out of fingers and toes and couldn’t remember how to calculate the powers of a number. This is just a small sampling of the directions given during the […]

Take a Hike: Using Nature to Nurture Your Child’s Education


As mild weather moves in, so does the opportunity to take advantage of nature’s classroom as a real-life education for young children. Grab a bucket or a paper bag, and take off for a learning activity that can integrate several academic disciplines. Just a walk down the sidewalk may give you what you need, but […]

Chic, Handmade & Locally Crafted: Furniture by James + James


by: Loria W. Oliver Like many parents, I want my home to be safe for my children, but don’t want to lose design and cool aesthetic because of it.  Since my first son was born in 2011, we’ve made many adjustments. One in particular was to find a new dining room table that was durable, […]