Homeschooling in NWA


Thirty years ago, the homeschooling movement was considered to be at best cutting-edge, eccentric, and alternative. At its worst it was considered strange, rare, and, in some states, illegal. But today the movement has become more mainstream.   Currently, with over 2 million home-educated children in the United States, homeschooling is the fastest growing form […]

The Family Behind NWA’s TCBY

August 2014 Article Picture

Longtime Northwest Arkansas residents Jared and Sarah Greer are the proud parents of Bennett, 3, and Scarlett, 9 months, and they are also the proud “parents” of Northwest Arkansas’ only TCBY store, located at 2005 Promenade Boulevard in Rogers. If juggling the demands of parenthood and small business ownership weren’t enough, the Greers also own […]

The Yelling Place by NCI Counseling


Every mother has been there.  That place, before you had children, that you said you would never be.  That place, where you looked on at those other mothers, with grimaces on their faces and said, “I will never do that to my children”.  That place that at times feels as if it is the point […]

5 Things I Learned about Motherhood – The Hard Way

Christmas 2013

Before bringing my daughter into the world nearly two years ago, I felt I had a good base of knowledge about what it meant to be a mom. I mean, 29 years should be plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of parenthood, right? And, as if that wasn’t enough, I took that […]

Kitty Litter-acy


by: Frances Wilson Cat Tales: the Kitty Litteracy Project is a partnership between FPL and Fayetteville Animal Services that will bring together kids, cats and books for the purpose of improving children’s reading skills and boosting the adoptability of shelter cats through socialization. Kids in K-5th Grade are eligible to participate. Each child in the program […]

Meet Dyer


by: Jenessa Bailey On March 31, 2013, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Dyer, our beautiful baby boy, with our family. What’s not to celebrate? After all, we were blessed with a perfectly healthy, smart, active little boy. Just two days later, however, we found ourselves in Little Rock at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, totally unexpectedly. […]

Dad’s View: Not So Sterling Remarks


with Ben Lacy Last fall, the pastor at our church introduced us to what we think is a really cool tool to begin family dinner-table conversations. It’s called Table Topics. Each night when we sit down for dinner, we select the next Table Topic (imagine a Trivial Pursuit-like card) and use it to transition everyone’s […]

Baby Kate


by: Chad Harvey Our story began in the summer of 2011, when Kara and I found out we were pregnant with our first child. Things seemed to be like any other normal pregnancy, until we went to the doctor for Kara’s 18-week ultrasound. That’s when our whole world was turned upside down.   It was […]

Teach Your Kids To Give Back


I’m always looking for ways to get my girls involved in opportunities to volunteer.  We had the pleasure of packing snack packs together at the Samaritan Community Center and it was a beautiful experience.  Watching my children work hard and get excited to do something for someone else filled my heart to the brim.  I […]