The Dalai Mama: Fostering Charity in Your Children

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Deep thoughts (well not that deep)  on life as a mom, wife, and transplant in NWA by: Kristin Hvizda Imagine, you’re at Walmart, with your kiddos in tow.  Short on time, you’re rushing through the store grabbing items on your shopping list, maneuvering the cart through the aisles like you’re Danica Patrick… You’re almost done. […]

Our Superhero Remington

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by: Tina Bell He’s a one-year-old, and he’s our superhero! Remington was diagnosed with a stage three anaplastic astroyctoma brain tumor four months ago. Currently, Remington and I are in Memphis, at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, fighting the fight. However, his journey doesn’t start here… On February 27, 2001, my whole world as I […]

Zane’s Story


By Janelle Paquette Zane Johnson was born at 5:50 PM on May 5, 2005, premature and oxygen-deprived. His family was overjoyed beyond belief, but soon received a shock that would change their lives forever. Zane had had a pediatric stroke before he was born. Children have pediatric strokes, also known as perinatal strokes, in-utero more […]

Blessed by Love


by: Erin Morrell When my husband and I got married back in 2006, we knew we wanted to start a family immediately. When, just before our first anniversary, we found out we were pregnant, we couldn’t believe our good luck! I had a mostly uneventful pregnancy, with just a bit of morning sickness and occasional […]

Abbey’s Story


by: Kristie Hendricks I am that Mom. I have that child.  You know us.  We are the ones that cause issues when it comes to class parties and snacks for the soccer team.  It has taken years, but we are comfortable with that.  We are comfortable because it means my daughter’s health issues are being […]

Meet Jaxon


by: Tosha Lands It may sound extreme, and maybe like an odd way to start out a story, but… I gotta get it off my chest! UGH! I really, really hate seizures! Why, you ask? Because… they have taken over my youngest son’s life. Of course, we didn’t expect this. With our first son, Adrian, […]

Farmland Adventures to Sponsor NWA Birthday Party Expo for 3rd Year!


Have you marked your calendar for the NWA Birthday Party Expo on May 2nd from 10 – 2?  If not you are going to want to do that now.  Farmland Adventures has signed on once again as a sponsor and they always bring the fun.  Their ponies and petting zoo are always a crowd favorite.  […]

Fun City will attend the 2015 NWA Birthday Party Expo


  Fun City is always a favorite at the NWA Birthday Party Expo with their fun games and free cotton candy.  We are so excited that they will be back again this year.  Make sure to check out their booth and thank them for always being a loyal supporter of the NWA Birthday Party Expo.  […]

The Dalai Mama: My Friend Campaign

Deep thoughts (well not that deep) on life as a mom, wife, and transplant in NWA by: Kristin Hvizda Making Friends in a New City I never really considered myself a “good” friend, until recently. Not only was I the friend who never remembered your birthday, but I rarely made time for the people I loved […]