The Jenkins Family Adoption Story

December 2011

Our story starts off like many others. As college sweethearts, we married young and thoroughly enjoyed our first few married years together. We were in no rush to have children, but looked forward with great anticipation to the day that we would become parents.  We both loved children and spent our early married years volunteering […]

Fostering Love


Foster care is something I have wanted to participate in ever since I met my husband’s mother. She is a single woman, a special education teacher, and has been a foster parent to countless children over the years. She has given a home, though temporary, to so many children needing love, care, and gentle guidance. […]

God Gave Me His Words

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I am a planner. Sure, planning has its many benefits, like knowing what your day is going to look like because you put it on the calendar. The flip side is that I expect to know exactly what my day should look like.  I try so hard to plan for everything, and, boy, is that impossible, […]

A Mother’s Love


For mothers, the first time you look into your child’s eyes you can see their hearts. The first time I looked into the heart of my oldest son, Jayden, I saw a caring and intelligent person. In Isabelle, I saw a vibrant and passionate person. In Abigail, I saw a captivating person, and the first time […]

An Open Heart


Adoption has always been a dream of mine. I can remember as a little girl playing dolls; I would have my biological baby doll and my baby doll I had adopted. Let me give you a little glimpse of how God pieced together our perfect puzzle! In September 2005, my husband and I welcomed into […]

Us and Them

family photo shoes bight colors

Big fan of Pink Floyd.   You don’t hear that much these days, and while I’ve definitely crested the hill of life, my date of birth would have left me listening to Dark Side of the Moon in a crib.  This, of course, has nothing to do with this month’s story, but I thought I’d […]

Unconditional Love: An Adoption Story


It was 7:00pm on a Wednesday night, a seemingly calm and unassuming night of the week. Nervously, I called my husband as I made my way to DHS and told him I was going there, our young son in tow, to pick up a child. He said, simply enough, “Okay, honey.” With that “okay,” our whole […]

Pray for Ruth


I’d like to show you a picture of all six members of our family together.  You know, the cute ones families always get once their beloved adopted child comes home—the entire family together—but I can’t. When I imagined our adoption story, I imagined being able to speak of some challenges and bumps along the road, […]

When Love Wins


We were high school sweethearts when we first starting talking about adoption. I was 16, Zach was 17, but we talked about our future child as if it was already done. By 19 we were married, and at 20 I was pregnant…with twins.  They were born a few days after college graduation and life sped […]