Experiencing Play by NCI Counseling


“Mommy, we’re not making a mess.  We’re having an experience!” This was my daughter’s response when I saw my mud covered driveway and more to the point – my mud covered children.  My initial reaction was one of frustration thinking of the cleanup that this was going to require.  But, then, the words of my […]

Camp Alliance: Meet Jody

jody picture

Thousands of families across Arkansas and the region have benefited from Mrs. Jody Bergstrom’s work… but who is she, and why is she having such in impact in our region?  Jody is a devoted wife, loving mother and, along with her husband, Joshua, the co-founder of Camp Alliance, Inc. Together with their children, the Bergstroms […]

A True Hero


A Daughter’s Perspective:  by: Olivia Planchon Being brave, selfless, fearless and determined are just some of the many characteristics of a hero.  My daddy, Bud Planchon, embodied and embraced all of these qualities and more.  Firefighters, police officers and EMTs are all heroes to me, but, in all of my fourteen years, I have only […]

Dad’s View: Sibling Social Time


by: Ben Lacy So the Lacy’s tried that whole “vacation” thing again.  However, as previously stated, if you take the ninos and ninas with you, it ain’t vacation… it is home-in-another-location. Alas, family insanity has no geographic boundaries.  This time we were really smart about it.  Instead of piling in the family truckster, we got […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety


by: Martha Brown I am a 31-year-old wife, teacher, pug mommy, friend and Pinterest-loving crafter. I am an introvert that loves people. I can be as silly as a 12-year-old and love making others laugh. Also, I am a good listener and love hearing other people’s stories… Because we all have a story. And, sometimes, […]

My Darling Son,


It seems you were born only yesterday.   When your father and I found out we were expecting you, we called you Shorty because we did not know whether God had given us a son or a daughter. It’s kind of ironic that you grew to 6’4”. Your first name, John, came from your grandfather […]

Meet Kadence


Feature by: KC Bise You know how some people talk about having “dream” pregnancies, where their emotions stay in check, their morning sickness is at a minimum, and they deliver without any delay? Well, the story of this particular pregnancy, my second one, isn’t like that… at all. In fact, I would say, as far […]

#BeNeighborly: The Pack Shack Handles Hunger in NWA


by: Frances Wilson ‘Food justice,’ ‘food scarcity’ and ‘food insecurity’ are terms used more and more frequently to describe the phenomenon of hunger in the United States. Despite our nation’s high GDP and standard of living, as many as 18 million households in the United States (as of a 2012 USDA Economic Research study) are […]

A Dreadful Affliction, A Courageous Boy, and the Great Physician


Written by: Justin Smith  |  Lyrics from the song “Coltrane” by Amasa Hines and “Always” by Kristian Stanfill “Oh, my son. Oh, my son. Oh, my son. Oh… my love.” I looked down and saw his almost lifeless body lying there in the hospital crib. Coltrane Roy Smith is my youngest son. He came into the world […]