The Art Experience

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by: Rachael Martin Rod Stewart’s song, “Young Turks,” played constantly on the radio. As the early signs of summer appeared, this song played more frequently… blaring at the public pool, as background music at the grocery store, and played from the car radio.  The song lyric, “Patty gave birth to a 10-pound baby boy,” resonated […]

I’ve Been There… I Am There

Family Session-66

by: Kim Enderle This month’s letter from the editor is an actual “letter” I have wanted to write, personally, for a long time. It’s to one mom in particular, but, honestly, it could apply to every mother. The story goes like this…a few months ago, I watched as a mom struggled with her son who […]

Meet Callie Anne


by: Jamie Cook When you decide to start a family, you have no idea what is coming. It’s a complete leap of faith, as anyone with kids will tell you. Once we decided we wanted a little one, my husband, David, and I immediately started dreaming of and planning for what our baby would be […]

Sweet Southern Advice

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ARE YOU A PARENTING COWARD? Just Say “No” To Parent Bullying I know this is a strange question, and it might even seem a little harsh, but hear me out, and I will give you just a minute to think it over. Hopefully, this little story might help explain what I mean. I was doing […]

Dad’s View: Snow Day


with Ben Lacy There has been a thought bouncing around my crazed cranium for a few months, “What is the best holiday?” I started with a pro/con review of each holiday to determine which date was most worthy of the gold medal for “most awesome” (My vote:  4th of July. The reason?  You give fools […]

Meet Kylee


by: Kristi Tidwell   My 30th birthday fell on August 7, 2010. To celebrate the ‘big 3-0,’ my family and I had plans to enjoy a low-key week with a special surprise over the weekend. Therefore, the following day, August 8th, started very normally for all of us. That afternoon, I put our four year […]

V For Victory


by: Valerie Wright In May of 2011, I was happy–a wife, a mother, and a school nurse for a high school with over 2,800 students in McKinney, TX.  I was the health care provider, role model, motivator, and educator for our school, promoting healthy living and cancer prevention. I also lived a healthy lifestyle by […]

The Mommy Wars: Rediscovering the Sisterhood of Motherhood

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The Dalai Mama: Deep thoughts (well not that deep) on life as a mom, wife, and transplant in NWA by: Kristin Hvizda Coverage of the measles outbreak has dominated the media over the past few months. The relentless exposure has propelled the vaccine debate into everyone’s Facebook feed, the nightly news, and the forefront of fearful parents’ […]