Claire Elizabeth Dennis: Gifted Hands, Brilliant Mind, Kind Heart, Healthy


Amazing. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of Claire’s life, cut short after only 14 years.  Claire Elizabeth was not just my daughter, but my best friend. For my entire life, all I ever wanted was to be a mom. Claire made my dream come alive when she entered the […]

Team Trevor


My son, Trevor, was the kind of child people were drawn to interact with.  He had a quirky nature and the ability to make you laugh by just observing his mannerisms.   Many would say that he was a mama’s boy–and, boy, did he hold his mama’s heart! Trevor was the sweetest and most easygoing […]

Fatherhood at 40


One morning in October two years ago, I heard my wife, Kelly, getting ready for work as usual. I was half asleep and barely awake when I heard a squeal come from the bathroom. Before I could ask her if everything was okay, she was at my bedside whispering, “We are pregnant.” She had a […]

Morgan’s Miracle


The story of Morgan, my daughter, and our family is unique to say the least. By that, we mean the symptoms of her illness made it difficult to find her diagnosis. We endured months of agonizing pain, sleepless nights, and discouragingly negative results to numerous tests. We had to sit, powerless, watching her literally lose […]

Dad’s View: Blues Traveler

blue plane

Okay, fair warning: This article has nothing to do with Christmas.  I’m guessing some/most/all of you are already on Yule overload and will be thankful for a non-crazy-Kringle-column.  Well… there is actually an elf reference or two in here so technically there is a seasonal tie-in.  Okay, I’m rambling, here we go. Today’s topic is […]

The Jenkins Family Adoption Story

December 2011

Our story starts off like many others. As college sweethearts, we married young and thoroughly enjoyed our first few married years together. We were in no rush to have children, but looked forward with great anticipation to the day that we would become parents.  We both loved children and spent our early married years volunteering […]

Fostering Love


Foster care is something I have wanted to participate in ever since I met my husband’s mother. She is a single woman, a special education teacher, and has been a foster parent to countless children over the years. She has given a home, though temporary, to so many children needing love, care, and gentle guidance. […]