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flashMissy’s Monkeys –

Everyone loves a unique, personal, thoughtful gift, and these sock monkeys from Missy’s Monkeys are the perfect thing! Because these cute, handmade sock monkeys come in so many different patterns and personalities, they’re a wonderful gift for any occasion and age!

From Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, Harry Potter, and sports teams galore, there is a monkey for everyone!

Whether it’s a graduation gift (pre-school through collegiate!), office desk buddy, party favor or just a cute dorm decor present, Missy’s Monkeys are our go-to gift for all occasions!


EasyPeasie1Easy Peasie – Natural Veggie Blend

It is an age-old question that almost every parent struggles with at one time or another. How can we get our kids to eat more vegetables? Maybe those green, healthy “little trees” are something we come to love over time, but kids just don’t seem to want to eat anything that doesn’t come processed, cheesy, or fried. Easy Peasie food blends are perfect for picky eaters. They are virtually undetectable, but still nutrient-dense. The veggie blends come from fresh vegetables that are thoroughly dehydrated, and then formed into a fine powder – perfect for sprinkling on a variety of food to make any meal instantly healthier! Also, what is healthy for the kids is healthy for you. We love to add some into our own smoothies! Eating veggies has never been easier!


dockatot 2Dock A Tot –

This versatile, portable bed can be used to help make tummy time fun and comfortable, or it can be used as a little lounging seat for toddlers watching morning cartoons.

The DockATot can be opened up for extra room for growing babies, or can be  purchased in multiple sizing. The high bumper walls make the DockATot a safe place to set baby down when you need both hands, or when trying to co-sleep safely and worry free. Changing diapers is no longer an issue, as the DockATot is both portable, safe, and features a machine washable cover!

The design  of the DockATot simulates the safe, comfortable environment of the mother’s womb, making the bed an easy transition for newborns who have trouble falling asleep in a crib. We love that the DockATot makes sleeping overnight away from home so easy. Instead of hauling a portable crib or playpen, the DockATot is lightweight and comes with a  handle for easy carrying!


swim2Undercover Waterwear –

If you or your daughter feel uncomfortable wearing a traditional swimsuit, try something a little more modest than a regular one-piece. The Undercover Waterwear line offers swimwear that could also double as athletic gear! With styles such as swim dresses, swim pants or skirts, and long-sleeve, quarter-length, or short-sleeve swim tops, there are many options for girls who like a little more coverage under the sun! This swim line is perfect for those who burn easily, or simply enjoy more coverage while frolicking around by the beach or pool.

Because of its diversity, one could go to the gym with Undercover Waterwear clothes on, work out and then go straight to the pool to cool down without ever having to change! We love that there are so many different styles, colors and patterns available so choosing what makes you look and feel your best doesn’t have to be narrowed down to one item!


HipCity3Hip City Sak –

Hip City Saks aren’t just fanny packs for little girls. They are hip bags on a mission. These cute, fashionable bags inspire girls to be independent, express themselves, make decisions on their own, and feel empowered.

By holding their own things that mom would normally carry in her purse, young girls get to experience being independent and responsible for their own items.

Letting them pick out their very own color, style or print, gives them a sense of empowerment and let them realize the importance of expressing one’s unique individuality. Hip City Saks can also be customized with detachable bag and belt accessories.

Because of the small bag size, she will have to decide which items are the most important to bring along with her. Also, because the comfortable bag sits right on her hip, she remains hands-free, and it’s almost impossible for her to lose it!

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