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Any parent will tell you that, as your child grows, they start getting into anything and everything. You could be the most vigilant helicopter parent and still not be able to keep eyes on your little one 24/7 – it’s just not possible. So, give yourself a peace of mind in the kitchen with PotSafe. PotSafe secures your cookware onto the stove so that your little one can’t reach up and pull it off, spilling the contents and causing multiple potential injuries. Using easy-to-assemble suction-cup technology, your pots and pans will be kept safe inside thrir designated area . The PotSafe is great for any aged child, and even the elderly, as we are all clumsy from time to time, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

safe3Shape Mags

Shape Mags are fun, magnetic, multi-colored shapes that create a whole world of buildings, spaceships, bridges and tunnels by simply touching two magnetic edges together and assembling whatever your imagination can create. These are great for the whole family, because the structures can be as simple or complex as you make them. In that vein, there is always a new way to play, so your kids will play for hours! The magnets are strong enough to hold up other shapes but not too strong that they pose a danger to kids. Because the plastic is so durable, they are also crash resistant, so encourage your little one to build a tower high into the clouds without fear. They’re light, easy to clean up, and encourage STEM skills as well as creativity and imagination. These are the blocks of our children’s generation–without the heavy wood, sharp edges and splinters! Grant started off making simple structures, and as he learns more about assembling them I am always impressed to see what he comes up with next. Shape Mags come in all different colors, shapes and sizes, so that your child will always have new pieces to collect and use.

2pk-5pk-groupThe Scrigit Scraper

If you have ever broken a nail while scraping a price tag off of a present you just bought before a birthday party, you will want to try the Scrigit Scraper. This pocket-sized scraper looks like a blue pen, but instead comes to a thin, flat plastic head that will scrape off anything and everything. On one end is a flat surface to scrape off large sticky items like dried gum, putty or dried food. The other end is rounded like a fingernail and will scrape off any price tags, stickers, candlewax or more! The Scrigit Scraper is the perfect size to keep in small spaces and, because it comes in a pack of five or two, we’re keeping one in our glove compartment and another in our purse, with a few spares to have on hand around the house.


xbs-ilbshu_baby-shusher-jpg-pagespeed-ic-8mnxhgz1rgThe Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is called the “soothing sleep miracle for babies” for a reason. This small handheld machine creates a soothing “shush” noise to calm and lull baby to sleep. It features a 15-minute and 30-minute timer, and even comes with a built-in sound sensor and user-controlled volume. Because the shusher is small and light, it is easily portable for you to take on car trips or to sleepovers at the grandparents’ house. The shushing noise is rhythmic so that it mimics the sounds inside the mother’s womb, and provides comfort to a crying baby. Anything that gives us a little extra peace of mind and soothes a fussy baby by lulling them to sleep gets five stars from us!

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