About Us


Peekaboo Magazine was created as a printed guide to life for families in Northwest Arkansas. The magazine celebrated the release of its first issue on February 1, 2008. Today it continues to connect readers to one another to strengthen its community through personal stories and monthly columns. It also offers a forum for experts to share advice and helpful tips, and fills its pages with insight and previews into the ins and outs, and must do and see locations across NWA.

After welcoming their first-born child in 2006, Jonathon and Kim Enderle found themselves feeling like newbies in a town they knew very well. Despite being born and raised in NWA, they felt lost after becoming parents. While they knew where to shop for themselves, which doctors to go to, and the fun places to go, see, and do; as parents they didn’t know where to shop for their new baby, which pediatrician to choose, or the in and outs of the baby/children/family world, and the list went on.

That is when they decided to create Peekaboo Magazine – to give a unique perspective on this beautiful and culturally rich community. Northwest Arkansas has embraced Peekaboo as its own and is an integral part of the area serving as a monthly guide to life for families.