Adoption Is Love

by: Andrea Ferguson 

I never thought I’d be a single mommy, by choice, to two beautiful babies who came to me via the miracle of adoption.

All my life, I’ve had a strong desire to one day become a mommy. I love children! But, when I found out I’d never have babies of my own, my life was forever changed. After years of pain and suffering from severe endometriosis and over 10 surgeries, my doctor and I discussed how I ultimately needed a hysterectomy. This was a hard thing to hear at the age of 30. It was during this same visit that my doctor asked if I had ever thought about adoption. Of course I had, but first wanted to know if carrying babies was in my future. When I learned it wasn’t, I was ready to start the journey towards adoption. My doctor told me stories about how birth moms came in from time to time, when they had not seen an attorney or lawyer. If that happened again, he would call me.

Two and a half weeks later, at 7:45 am, I got the call that would forever change my life. The doctor was calling to let me know that there was a birth mom in our local hospital in labor, and that if I wanted this baby, I better get a lawyer and get up there ASAP. Wait, what? I hadn’t even made an appointment with an attorney yet. Or had a home study… or done a background check… And I didn’t have anything for a baby yet! But, God knew what he was doing, because His timing is always right, and two days after my son was born, I took him home. Then, a short 10 days after he was born, he became my son forever! From the moment I saw him, I fell in love and knew he was mine. I love Kade Matthew to infinity and beyond!

Once a year, we visit my attorney’s office to say hello. It’s always fun to reconnect with the special man who helped me bring my son home so quickly. My attorney would always ask, “So, when are you gonna be ready for number two?” I always thought I’d be done after my son, but quickly learned I had a heart for adoption, and a desire for my son to have a sibling to grow up with.

When I decided to adopt again, I started out seeking birth moms on my own. One day, I took a potential birth mom situation into my attorney’s office and, after discussing it. with him, I realized it was not a good situation–one I would not pursue any further. Two weeks after reviewing an out-of-state situation, my attorney located my daughter’s birth mom. She only lived about 3 hours from us. He made the initial connection with her, and, once again, helped us through every step. My daughter’s adoption went smoothly, overall, and I was in the room when she was born. Witnessing her birth was a beautiful miracle, and she and my son are now the best of friends. I cannot wait to watch these two continue to grow up together. I love you Khloe Ann, forever and for always!

Additionally, the love I have for both my son and daughter’s birth moms is amazing! They both were completely selfless and gave me the two greatest gifts. Adoption is love. Adoption is amazing. Adoption truly is a miracle.

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