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Bambino Mio

With a new baby in the house Bambino Mio’s Miosquares have quickly become a daily used product that we couldn’t live without. From the makers of the leading cloth diapers, you can rest assure that this product is of the highest quality and designed to make your family’s life a little easier. The secret to the versatility of Bambino Mio’s muslin squares lies in their simplicity. These adorably patterned, 100% pure cotton squares arebambino2 a little over two feet on each side, making them the perfect size to wrap around baby, mop up a big spill, or use as a soft picnic blanket. They are so soft and light against baby’s skin that they also make a great nursing cover. They are machine washable and dry quickly, so that you can use them over and over again with baby. A great baby shower gift!

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