Camp Alliance: Meet Jody

Thousands of families across Arkansas and the region have benefited from Mrs. Jody Bergstrom’s work… but who is she, and why is she having such in impact in our region? 


Jody is a devoted wife, loving mother and, along with her husband, Joshua, the co-founder of Camp Alliance, Inc. Together with their children, the Bergstroms are a military family proudly serving the United States through Joshua’s service in the Army Reserve. Along with thousands of other families, the Bergstroms have endured an up-tempo mobilization and deployment pace of the National Guard and Army Reserve force, with Josh called up for full-time service four of the last seven years.

Jody is currently the executive director of Camp Alliance, Inc. and credits her for-profit business management experience for instilling in her “the drive, capacity and capability to succeed as a leader in the non-profit sector.” She explains this by saying, “Business management fundamentals directly correlate to non-profit management. It is necessary to manage people, money and clientele. The biggest difference is the definition of success. Profit defines success in the business world, but helping people defines success in the nonprofit world.”

Serving as a military family while living in Northwest Arkansas has been difficult but also very rewarding. While going through their third mobilization in four years, the Bergstroms were approached with the question, “If you could change the world for our military personnel, what would you do?” Their immediate response was that they would want to take care of the families left at home all across America. And, out of this inspiration, Camp Alliance was created.

Camp Alliance is an established IRS 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization working on behalf of our Guard and Reserve forces. Fulfilling the demands generated by serving so many is the welcome challenge Jody tackles every day. She spends her time engaging military, civic and business leaders in order to find ways to improve the direct and indirect support to military units, members and families.

“I know I am making a difference in people’s lives all the time. So often, I hear from military families who appreciate the direct impact Camp Alliance is having on their family, their unit and their service. At the same time, I hear from business leaders about how they appreciate the fact that Camp Alliance is able to incorporate their support directly to military units and families,” says Jody. Bringing about the fundamental change in what support looks like for Guard and Reserve forces is a monumental task that Camp Alliance has taken on. The mission is gaining momentum as they continue to educate and accept the impacts that the last thirteen years of combat have had on us.

As a drill sergeant, Josh teaches his troops, “Everyone makes a difference. It is up to the individual to decide what that difference will be.” For Jody, she is committed to making a difference in the lives of our heroic families all across the country. The last four years have laid the foundation for what is to come as Camp Alliance continues to provide increasing support throughout Arkansas, the region and the nation. Americans deserve to live safe and proud, and Camp Alliance supports those who provide this to us.

Camp Alliance, Inc. serves as the pivotal public organization focused on building mission-resilient National Guard and Army Reserve military units and families. 



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