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Dad’s View: Date Night(s)

with Ben Lacy So during the school year the Mrs. and I definitely have a long-distance relationship. No, it isn’t work travel or irreconcilable differences that creates the chasm; it’s the kids/school/activities trifecta.  We’re not complaining, and we willingly…

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Shop Local with Hello Local

by Dana Schlagenhaft What if local small businesses linked arms together as a united front to become stronger and more successful together? When Jennifer Cristofaro and I created our online store, Hello Local, our goal was to lend support…

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Beck’s Battle: One Year Down

by: Emily Avra To be fair, it’s technically been one year, six days, three hours and 45 minutes since Beck’s Battle began with the phone call from our amazing pediatrician, Dr. Terry Payton. From the minute the word “leukemia”…


For Every Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 18) and deciding on a gift for your loved one can be harder than you might think. Guys are hard to shop for… they just are. Not one dad is…

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Hello Local

When I stroll into 211 Café in downtown Bentonville, I can’t help but feel like Norm from “Cheers.” The colorful café is nothing like that dingy basement bar based in Boston, but, when I walk through the bright yellow…


Dad’s View

A few weeks ago, I heard ESPN’s Bomani Jones use the phrase “insufficient daddy.” Now, he wasn’t talking about the truly bad guys out there, which, unfortunately, exist.  No, he was talking about those well-meaning guys that focus too much on one…


Mom to Mom

As moms, we can forget who we are. We have children and then-poof!-we’re no longer taking care of just ourselves, but other human beings. How scary is that? Somewhere in the process of raising children, our dreams get put…

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Becoming An Outdoors-Woman Program

Arkansas’ outdoor resources are the envy of every state in the nation. The state offers numerous places to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, from lakes, to hiking to hunting, to camping and fishing. They don’t call us…

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Rings at David Adams Fine Jewelry 100 W Center St # 101, Fayetteville, (479) 444-7778 A must-have for any mother or grandmother. This unique piece of jewelry is engraved by hand with your child’s name to make it…