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Letter from the Editor

This month’s cover is an extra special one, as we introduce the newest member of the Peekaboo family: Gwendolyn. In February of 2010, our first born, Ava, introduced her brother, Holden, on the cover, and then together they shared…

Northwest Health

Keep Your Cool in the Heat

Northwest Health Reminds Community High Temperatures Have Risks The warm weather of summer creates more opportunities for people to spend time outside. Whether you are working, exercising or doing other activities, it is important to protect yourself from heat-related…

Features Things We Love

Bentonville-Rogers Junior Cotillion

by: Renee Swindell In many parts of the South, and across the country, going through cotillion is a rite of passage. It certainly was for me! My appreciation and great love for cotillion began as a 6th grader in…

Evan Lee 59

Meet Evan

Arkansas Children’s patient, Evan Lee, never meets a stranger. From the moment you see him, his bright smile, positive personality and bright green walker instantly draws you into conversation with him. Before you know it, you’ve made a new…

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Dad’s View: Date Night(s)

with Ben Lacy So during the school year the Mrs. and I definitely have a long-distance relationship. No, it isn’t work travel or irreconcilable differences that creates the chasm; it’s the kids/school/activities trifecta.  We’re not complaining, and we willingly…

Blogs Features Things We Love

Shop Local with Hello Local

by Dana Schlagenhaft What if local small businesses linked arms together as a united front to become stronger and more successful together? When Jennifer Cristofaro and I created our online store, Hello Local, our goal was to lend support…


Battle Buddies Service Dogs of Distinction

by Don Gardner We’ve all heard stories of shelter or rescue dogs enhancing the lives of those who adopt them. This is one of those stories, but with a different twist. Two seemingly normal dogs, coming from different backgrounds,…


I Could Never Be a Foster Parent

By: Ann Meythaler NWA Coordinator for The CALL “I could never be a foster parent. I could never love a child and then give them back. I’d get too attached…” This is probably the most common statement foster parents…