Dream Big

Big things are happening at NWA Health Solutions! Even before starting our private practice, my husband and I had big dreams. Our dreams began when we were just a couple of young kids sitting in a classroom at Elmwood Junior High. You see, Dr. Josh, my husband, and I are junior high sweethearts, who had no clue that we were embarking on a lifelong journey when beginning our relationship. Our dream continued as young adults sitting in a big lecture hall learning about the human body, in Dallas, TX, at Parker College of Chiropractic. While in school we often talked about and drew pictures of what our practice would look like someday. We always knew we wanted a multi-physician, state-of-the-art clinic in our hometown of Rogers, AR.  In April of 2010, we attained our first “Big Dream.”  We earned a diploma, walked across a stage, and moved home to open the doors of our very own private practice!

In May of 2016, our second “Big Dream” became a reality when we relocated our clinic from downtown Rogers to across town, right off I-49 at the Pleasant Grove exit.  We had been practicing in downtown Rogers for over five years. During that time, the goal we worked towards was building a solid practice to move into a bigger clinic. We had a vision of building our own clinic, with the ideal floor plan to meet all our patients’ needs.  We were finally there! We had arrived at our new clinic. Little did we know the amount of growth we would see in just one short year! In May of 2017, only one year later, we started working on our third “Big Dream.”  This time, we are expanding the new clinic. In our first year at our new location, we discovered the wonderful benefits of having multiple avenues of healing techniques for our patients. We now proudly offer chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional consulting, and metabolic testing, including thyroid, adrenal, and traditional blood work. At the completion of our expansion in early fall of 2017, we plan to offer a multitude of health care modalities for our patients, including medical doctors, massage therapy, an aesthetician, and more. Honestly, I feel like our journey and clinic still have a lot of miraculous things ahead of us.  We will never stop dreaming!

We are so honored to be serving the community that helped raise us. From childhood to adulthood, NWA has been a dream come true. We could not be more dedicated to our community. We absolutely love being a part of such a wonderful area, full of families, activities for all ages, and with  incredible small businesses here to support our community.

One of my favorite new concepts in our clinic is the use of multi-level healing. We have started combining chiropractic and acupuncture for those patients who could benefit from both. Mary, our acupuncturist, and I work very closely together for many patients who benefit from multiple services. I practice a wide variety of techniques on moms and children of all ages, enabling their bodies to function the way they were designed.  I specialize in pregnancy, pre- and post-partum stages, and keeping women comfortable and empowered throughout their journey into motherhood. I also do a lot of pediatric work with infants and children, for everything from ear infections to digestive issues, to headaches and attention deficits.  My team and I work with women on a variety of hormonal imbalances, fertility complications, digestive issues, headaches, and more.  By combining these skills, we are seeing huge improvements in our patients. These success stories are what bring us to the clinic every day. Our passion for helping our community is top notch!

It is an honor as an adult to sit back and realize you are making a difference in the lives of others by improving their health and lifestyle, all the while enjoying your profession every day! It brings me to tears to hear stories of moms bringing their children in to the clinic,  stating that they slept through the night for the first time, the rash that has been on their body for months is gone, they are no longer constipated, they do not have tummy pains, they have not had an ear infection in months, or that they are finally eating vegetables! The success stories that we see daily are incredible and humbling. I am fascinated by what the human body can do if you give it all the tools it needs.

It is truly a dream come true to have a skill set to offer life-changing techniques to families.  If I have any advice for the children of today, it would be, “Hard work, dedication, and perseverance will pay off, so DREAM BIG! You have the power to make your dreams a reality!”

-Dr. Sarah Morter Rowden

NWA Health Solutions

5300 S Southern Hills Ct #200, Rogers, AR 72758

(479) 636-1324


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