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Grant’s Picks


Baby Grant just turned 1 ! Here are a few of his favorite things!

Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake

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When I had my first baby I wanted one of everything on the market. I thought if it was in the baby aisle a new Mom must need it, right? Wrong. I had so many unopened packages. So many items I never used or only used once because I felt guilty that I hadn’t used them. By the time I had baby 3 I had learned my lesson — less is more, and a product that combines multiple uses into one is as good as gold. That is why the Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake is a must have. It is a multi-stage bottle with an integrated feeding compartment (read: no more messy bags of formula spilling in your diaper bag and blowing in the wind when trying to mix on the go). It also lasts longer than just a stage because it can convert into a sippy cup — making the transition even easier for your baby — his favorite bottle is now his favorite sippy.

This product is easy to clean and easy to have ready to go at a moments notice. Just throw in  your bag and your baby is set for the day out. 


Belle & Beanzer Love Blanket

The more kids you have the more you realize how little time and space you have for all of the many great products on the market that cater towards babies. That is why I always like to buy items that are versatile. I love, love the Belle & Beanzer Love Blanket. It is a comfy blanket to wrap around Grant in the stroller or Ergo but also works as a great nursing cover since it has arm pockets to create a secure, discreet tent around baby that allows you to see, touch and play. The blanket is shaped like a heart making it ideal for swaddling too, and the fabric is so soft on baby’s skin. What I really appreciate is that it is created by a family for families with the creator’s entire family involved in offering products that parent’s really want to use, can use, and they are all made with love.







Lil’ Sidekick 

This product was made by Moms for Moms. We recently went to Disney for Grant’s first birthday and without this product I am pretty sure we would have come home with quite a few less cups and toys. The Lil’ Sidekick keeps everything within a baby’s arms reach and when they are ready to throw their toy,cup, paci, or animal away this product keeps it off the ground and safe from being lost or thrown away. The best part is it is a one size fits all products so you don’t have to have separate holders for each item. Love!




Nawgum by Mello & Co

Grant has been teething for literally his entire life and nothing seems to ease his pain until we tried the Nawgum. It’s also the first teether that didn’t disappear in the first 48 hours — I think because he loves it so much he makes extra sure not to lose it. This product is an all-in-one teether for babies up to 2 years old! This universal teether is designed to manage all areas of the mouth including gumming, front and side teeth and back molars. It hits them all so you don’t have to buy a new teether for each stage. It looks more like a fun toy and the arms resemble a babies most favorite teething item – Mom’s finger!



grant   Meet Grant: Grant is 1 year old. Full of life and a lover of all things awesome! He is always up on the market’s best things for babies and boys. 



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