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Happy Birthday, Peekaboo!

Happy birthday, Peekaboo! To say the impact of this milestone is lost on me would be a great understatement.  The fact that a magazine that was built from the heart of a writer-turned-new-mom would be embraced so quickly, by such an amazing community, is something that very few words can convey my gratitude for. When Jonathon and I first created PEEKABOO, we had no idea how quickly it would become an integral part of the parenting and family community in Northwest Arkansas. It is such an honor to be a part of something that connects readers each month with businesses, events, and – most importantly – each other.

While the name “Peekaboo” was inspired by our firstborn’s favorite game at the time, it represents something even greater now. PEEKABOO is a special look into NWA through the eyes of a mom, or dad, grandparent, or friend. PEEKABOO represents a unique perspective into all things parenting and family.

The concept was inspired by a group of women who were my “go-to moms.” I taught prenatal Pilates while pregnant with my first, and this group delivered their babies (most of them first-time moms) all within weeks of each other. During our workout sessions, we asked each other a million questions about what to expect, where to shop, what we needed for our little ones, and every health question in the book. We were also just there for each other, and, since it was before texting became the most popular form of communication, we actually talked on the phone – a lot! It was a bond that helped me survive those first weeks, months and years of being a parent, and I wanted to extend that same lifesaving sense of community to parents across NWA.

The group of women who came together to celebrate this 10th anniversary birthday have all played important roles in its success, and the fact that they were as excited as I was to commemorate the occasion meant the world to me. I have loved being a part of connecting people, helping businesses grow, and bringing brand awareness to readers across the area. Thank you for being a part of this journey! Here is to the next 10 years!

                                   – Kim Enderle

“My favorite thing about Peekaboo is that they truly have a heart for others in our community and they give people a place for their voices to be heard.  They can share their ideas, their dreams, their businesses, and their stories.  It’s a community where people can be raw and real in their struggles and their victories.”

                   – Jennifer Cristofaro

“A memory close to my heart is Peekaboo Media Group. I was a part of a trio that put on live  events for families, dicussed all things parenting and marriage on a weekly TV segment, and so much more! So thankful for that and all the experiences I’ve had with Peekaboo!  Congrats on 10 years, here’s to another 10 more!

                -Loria Oliver

“I have been honored to be given the opportunity to write four articles for Peekaboo Magazine. I love getting to share my story of losing my son, Taylor, and bringing awareness to Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood through his Foundation, the Taylor McKeen Shelton Foundation. I also loved sharing my story about my rainbow baby, Thayer. Happy birthday, Peekaboo!! “

                              – Ella Shelton

“The magazine is such an amazing connector of people, and a great way for all of us to realize we’re not alone in the things we’re dealing with in our lives.”                            

                         – Ann Meythaler



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