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Almost eight years ago, I had the crazy idea to try to play matchmaker on my blog. After all, I had hosted a series for a while on Fridays called “Show Us Your Life,” where I had people link up posts showing everything from their home decor, to their favorite crockpot recipes, to their favorite vacation spots. I was half-joking with some of my single friends who said we needed to have a “Show Us Your Single Guys Day” and realized that maybe, just maybe, I could use my platform to do something fun. If people from all over read my blog, then maybe they knew some single people and we could broaden our horizon for my single friends. I honestly never dreamed it would work, but I thought it was worth trying.

I asked people to write blog posts about their single friends or family members–or even themselves– and then link up to my blog post on a certain day –  Singles Day.

The idea was that readers could send their single friends to go through all the posts and, if someone caught their interest, they could make contact and see what happened. I held my breath, wondering if anyone would actually find someone. To my surprise, it worked. A couple met, dated, fell in love and married! They even sent me a wedding invitation.

Over the last seven years, I have hosted Singles Day several times, and there are now twelve couples who have married! Twelve couples and 21 kids! Twelve families formed because they took a chance on meeting someone featured on a mom blog. It sounds crazy, but there are crazier ways to meet people, and these days internet dating is extremely common. It has hands-down been my favorite thing about blogging.

Why have a platform if you can’t use it to connect or help people? One of the couples who met through Kelly’s Single Day is local to NWA. One of Aaron’s friends posted about him on Singles Day, and someone sent him Savannah’s blog. He started reading it, at first deciding she was too good for him, but he ended up finding her on Facebook, where they messaged back and forth and finally went on a date. They are PERFECT together, and were engaged in October 2011 in Wilson Park, and married on February 24, 2012. Today, after six years of marriage, they are the parents of Hudson, Millie Grace, and Annie Sutton, and Crosby will be here in June!

Last year, I tried something new and started a private Facebook group for singles. You can find it under Kelly’s Korner Singles on Facebook. It has around 1,200 singles in it. I am planning one more Singles Day on my blog, though, before switching.

If you are single, or know anyone who is single, visit my blog and link to a post about you or a friend. Or, if you’re looking, come and read the profiles to see if anyone might be the person for you. On Friday, February 16th, it might be my last Singles Day, after all~

I would love to see six more couples meet and marry! You just never know where you might meet your soulmate! Even on a mom blog!

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