Life with Twins

Story by: Tara Hooper/ Photo by: Maranda Wynne Photography – Northwest Arkansas

My husband and I met back in high school, and were together three years before finding out we were expecting our first little blessing, Kolton. He was the biggest shock of our lives, as my boyfriend (now husband) was 19 and I was only 18–just two months away from my high school graduation. We thought life was hectic then, but we just knew that if we could make it through the first year of parenthood at such a young age, we would be golden. Three and a half years later, we decided to start trying for another baby.  We got our positive HPT in mid-September.  On October 20th, we went in for our 9-week check-up and first ultrasound. While waiting for the nurse to call my name, I looked at the magazines on the side tables. My husband was well aware of my coworkers joking with me about multiples, so when I looked down at the table and saw the 2016 October Twin Edition of Peekaboo magazine, we both had a pretty good laugh over it.

Next thing we know, a mom walks in with a double stroller. You guessed it! A mom with a set of twins! My husband pointed her out and then the room just seemed to get really quiet. When we were called back for the ultrasound, I was a complete nervous wreck. What if all these things were some sort of sign that we were really having twins of our own!? Once the doctor placed the ultrasound probe on my belly, we instantly saw two little heartbeats. TWO! Two babies in two separate amniotic sacs, all in one ultrasound picture! Nervous wreck turned into emotional wreck. We had a long, very quiet ride home. and you’d think I was crazy by the combination of laughs and tears. I was feeling so much happiness and excitement, yet I was absolutely terrified and wondering how we were going to make this work. Needless to say, I spent a lot of my time the following days crying, and just praying that God would help guide us through this new chapter in our lives that we had no idea how to manage.

Thankfully, I had the best twin pregnancy that I could’ve ever asked for. Of course, I had the normal symptoms of nausea and fatigue, but I had no complications whatsoever. 37 weeks and 3 days into gestation we welcomed our two little angels into the world! Twin A, Paislee, was 6lbs, and Twin B, Kaitlynn, was 6lbs 2oz, and neither baby had to do any NICU time. We spent some extra days in the hospital due to both babies having higher than normal bilirubin levels, and our last day in the hospital we found out that Paislee had a heart murmur. After having a heart echo done, we learned that our sweet baby girl had a 3mm mid-muscular VSD in her heart. There’s just nothing in this world that could prepare you for these things to occur. We got to go home a few hours later and begin our new adventure on our own. Our 4-year-old son was absolutely in love with his baby sisters, and very cautious about who touched “his babies.” He’s been the biggest helper he could possibly be, helping with diaper changes, holding up bottles, and, most importantly, matching hair bows to their outfits–because that’s what big brothers do!

In all reality, you don’t plan for two babies at one time. You always think it happens to all these other people, but it could never happen to you! On May 4th, 2017, our DiDi twin girls were born and blessed our lives more than we ever expected! Double the tears, double the giggles, double the feedings and double the diapers,  but, most importantly, double the love. I thank God every day for allowing us to go through this journey. Our family of 3 grew into our perfect family of 5 quicker than we had planned, but I am forever thankful to have been blessed with the twin life. It’s the most hectic, exciting, stressful thing we’ve been through, but we love this crazy, beautiful life of ours!

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