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The Bentonville Public Library is letting kids and adults take their book clubs to go.

Through a new program called Books and Bites Book Club, kids can check out kits that contain 10 books. The kit is complete with complete discussion questions, author information and interesting research necessary to host a book club meeting. Teens and kids can also check out a Games & Grubs guide for  fun and simple snacks and interactive games that enhance the understanding of the story. The adult kits called Snacks & Sips provide themed beverage and appetizer ideas applicable to the story, as well as various decorating suggestions to add extra fun to the event. Each kit checks out to one group member for 6 weeks. Kits can be reserved through the catalog or library staff member. For more information about Books & Bites or Bentonville Public Library, click here or call 479-271-3192.

Last week the “Lice Letter” came home in my kids’ Tuesday Folder. Its purpose was to let parents know that it is lice season and to be on the lookout. What it did instead is put me in panic mode for the “what may come.” So, in response I doubled up on the preventative Fairy Tales Rosemary Lice Repel Leave‑In Conditioning Spray as part of our morning routine ( I also made sure to program Nits End NWA Lice Removal Service’s phone number into my phone just in case. Did you know that lice removal doesn’t have to be done at home anymore? Now there are amazing people who take care of it for you and I are much more effective than I could ever be! Want to learn more visit or call (479) 289-8817.

The Domestic Musician – A Music Education Website

This is the season when being a parent means being a taxi driver to our kids, taking them to the many classes and sports practices and games that fill their days. I love doing it but wouldn’t it be awesome if they could learn and grow and find enrichment through great classes without having to load up in the car? This is why I love The Domestic Musician. The Domestic Musician believes that every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality music education. By using her online videos and lesson plans, children will not only receive a quality music education, but will have fun while learning. Each lesson will be different, interactive, easy to follow along. She even has a beginning piano course for kids!

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