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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Rings at David Adams Fine Jewelry

100 W Center St # 101, Fayetteville, (479) 444-7778

A must-have for any mother or grandmother. This unique piece of jewelry is engraved by hand with your child’s name to make it look as though your child wrote their name themselves. One ring per child, and designed to be stackable.

Give Mom a Girls Night Out with My Creative Itch Fix’s Wreath Make & Take Soirée. The hostess and her guests are instructed on how to create a 21″ deco mesh wreath {that the hostess chooses from 3 designs}. With help, they assemble the wreath from readied materials, including a wreath form and precut ribbon.  Guests are encouraged to bring a finger food to share and a drink of choice to enjoy while making a wreath to take home! Soirées last approx 3 hours and take place at the hostess’ home. The cost is $40 (plus tax) per person. Wreath choices vary but can include a seasonal choice and a Razorback-themed choice.

Coffee Brewer 2.0 4c Red  from Max Warehouse

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t updated your coffee maker since your budget-friendly college days. You might even have forsworn homemade drip in favor of pricey drive-thru lattes, thinking that you could never make your coffee as deliciously as they do. Enter the Keurig Coffee Brewer 2.0 from Max Warehouse, in an eye-opening shade of brilliant red! Not only will you save time, money and gas, but your morning Joe will be even tastier (and stronger) than that provided at a certain Seattle-based coffee chain. The Coffee Brewer 2.0 is Keurig’s most compact model, with a sleek design that’s sure to fit in any kitchen, from sleek minimalist to crowded and homey.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Must-Have
Mother’s Day Gifts

This thick gauge cuff is hand-formed and stamped in the studio especially for you. We love the modern look of wearing the cuff opening in the front. This adjustable piece is meant to be worn tight to your wrist. Available in gold or silver finish, the cuff is 3/8 inch thick. I love mine as it has all four names – two on each side. $65.00.

We love the classic, high-quality children’s clothes of Feltman Brothers, who have been outfitting kiddos beautifully for over a century now. Their style is decidedly vintage, but still fresh, with soft, quality fabrics specially created for boys and girls. What’s more, the embroidery featured on their rompers, bonnets, blankets, and the like is still hand-stitched, showing an incredibly personal dedication to detail by the company. We especially love their Pima Layette collection for girls, pictured here, in gorgeous shades of softest pink.

Lashes from Swanky Lash & Permanent Cosmetic Co.

2200 SE  J Street, Bentonville

(479) 640-4152

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul–a fact that hasn’t escaped the cosmetic artists at Swanky Lash in Bentonville. Eyelash extensions are a relatively new trend, with many of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies following suit, intending to ‘wake up’ their features without having to cake on a mountain of mascara. The convenience of being able to ‘wake up and go’ is only matched by how gorgeous these long lashes really are! Give Swanky Lash a call today, and get ready to set hearts a-flutter!

Hogtown Creation’s Custom Heartbeat Paintings are hand-sketched and painted by Brittney Skelton in detail to capture your baby’s unique and precious heartbeat as a lasting piece of art. Paintings are done in texture mediums and acrylic on canvas or custom-built wood and created based on the baby’s heartbeat from the ultrasound. Inspiration for these pieces came from a few areas of our lives, but the primary inspiration was our own two children and the desire to capture the sweet moments of our life spent carrying, loving, and preparing to welcome our sweet babies. Remembrance Heartbeat Pieces have found a special place in our heart as well.  To order yours or if you have questions Contact Brittney Skelton @hogtowncreations,, 479-466-4439

New Mom Comics: The First Year

There are many parenting books and guides out there that showcase what to expect, and try to educate new parents, but few offer the very real, fresh and funny perspective Alison Wong, author and creator of New Mom Comics, provides with her new book, New Mom Comics: The First Year. Based on her own experience as a new mom, her comics touch on everything from blowouts to breastfeeding with wit and humor that any parent will appreciate!  The author, just like Peekaboo, lets readers know that they are not alone! It is so important to remember that perfect parents are a myth and we all need to take the time to laugh at ourselves a little.

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