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Resolution No. 2: Get In Pictures

I bet we have a lot in common.  Chances are, your phone and laptop are both quickly reaching their storage capacity with photos of your child.  Intent on always making sure memories are documented, you’ve done a great job of capturing pumpkin painting, festive snacks at school parties, trips to the park and meaningful memories at home.

But, do you know what’s missing? YOU!

Of all the photos you take, your child will treasure the ones with YOU the most!  Although it may sometimes feel uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, here are tips to help capture hugs, smiles and moments you and your child will BOTH treasure for a lifetime!


Don’t overthink it when it comes to how you’ll look.  Set yourself up for success by not worrying about that extra weight you’d like to lose, getting your roots touched up, or coordinating outfits.  Your child doesn’t care about the details… only that you were there!

Now, ‘overthink it’ a little. Although it’s true you shouldn’t find reasons to wait, it’s actually really important to set yourself up for success by planning ahead. For instance, what photos make you happy?  If you appreciate the authenticity of documenting real life, make plans to capture daily tasks, such as cooking together, playing at the park or stories at bedtime.  If you’re drawn to interaction and cuddles, choose a simple spot with minimal distractions where emotion will be your main focal point.

Consider the best TIME.

Pay attention to the time in the day when your child is happiest.  Though, in the world of photography lighting is the most important thing to consider, as most moms already know, the angle of the sun is totally irrelevant when your child is in need of a nap or ready for lunch.

Plan the DAY. 

If you feel comfortable in yoga pants and a messy bun, go for it! However, if a little make-up and your favorite shirt makes you feel your best, do that–basically, what it takes to get excited to be in front of the camera.

Share your ideas with your child.  Just like adults, children do better when goals are communicated.  Not only will your child be more prepared to cuddle or give big hugs, you may get even more ideas if you ask for help! Offering a small ‘incentive’ sometimes works wonders too!

Decide WHO.

Ask a friend, family member or older child. Handing your camera to someone else can be a great option. Keep it simple by telling them where they should stand and what button to push.  It may take a few tries, but I know you’ll get a shot you love!

Hire a professional.

Although photography is an investment, there are many benefits to simply showing up and allowing a professional to guide your children.  Not only do you have a chance of having that blemish removed from your chin, but you’re increasing your chances of getting wall-worthy photographs you can’t wait to display.



High-five for taking matters into your own hands!

Try these methods to turn intimidation into success!


Whether you’re in front of a glass building in the city or you’re using mirrors in your home, reflections are a FUN and EASY way to get in photos with your children!


Smart phones and cameras both have an Automatic Timer Mode.  You can get super fancy with tripods and remote triggers.  You can also keep it simple with a stack of books.  Either way, set up the camera to take a series of photos to allow more options. NOTE: If your photos are blurry using a self-timer, pre-focus your camera using a child or stuffed animal prior to your shot.


Slightly embarrassing, maybe, but selfie sticks are a cheap and easy way to turn the camera around and capture a really fun photo of you and your child together!

No matter what, HAVE FUN! 

Even if your child isn’t cooperating or the dog’s tail knocks over the phone you’ve worked so hard to balance, still give yourself an A+ for effort and consider this “practice” as your plan ANOTHER day to capture MORE priceless memories together!

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