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Rub-a-Dub-Dub Safety 101 in the Tub!

January is National Bath Safety Month and these are the perfect tips to get your bathtub safe-proof for today and every day.

BATH TIME. It’s the best part of the day, right? If your children take baths in the morning, doesn’t it feel nice to have them all clean and tidy to get them started for their day? Or, if you’re like my family, we do baths at night to help set the tone for the evening; it’s time to settle down and relax. Whatever time your family does bath time, make sure it’s a safe time, as well. Too many kids drown each year. Too many kids get burned every day from scalding hot water. January is National Bath Safety Month, and these are the perfect tips to get your bathtub safety up to date for today, and every day.

FLOATING BATH THERMOMETERS. These cool bath toys actually float in water and tell you the temperature, making sure it’s safe for your child to get in. Babies R Us has a great one for only $3.99, and I like it because it tells you if the water is too cold or too hot.

BATH SPOUT COVER.  These are a must. Putting a simple character-themed cover like this whale one from Target over your bath spout will save your child’s back from getting skinned when she stands up to reach something, or turns her back towards the spout and doesn’t realize she’s about to hit it. There are tons of different themes you can buy. If your child likes dinosaurs, great! Go for it! Ducks? They have duck ones, too!





DRAIN STOPPER. This a great safety guard for little fingers that like to find their way into the drain. Bath time for a lot of kids is when they let their imagination run wild, and you never know when a superhero is going to jump off the ledge and into the drain. Be sure he has a safe landing spot and a secure suction, so your little one doesn’t get his fingers caught in the drain.





BATH KNEELER. These are super important to have when you’re giving your child a bath. So many times our elbows slip on the bathtub because of how the water makes it slippery, and we go to catch our child, only to let out a huge ‘agh!’ that we caught them just in time from slipping in the tub. This mat takes the accident-waiting-to-happen out of the equation. Bonus – it’s comfy on the knees, too.





INFLATABLE TUB. I can’t tell you how many of these I bought for my son. I think we went through 12! Not because they didn’t hold up, but because he loved them so much that we either traveled with them and forgot them somewhere, or we used them so much that they eventually got holes. Regardless, it was worth every penny. This duck tub fits perfectly in a regular tub. Your child fits nicely inside the duck with room to play, and you can hang the duck up on the shower wall after bath time, because there is a suction cup on the underside of the duck.

Take these bath safety suggestions with you the next time you’re at the store or shopping for your friend’s baby shower. They are the perfect bath-friendly products to make their way into your home.


Meagan Ruffing is a parenting journalist who is in the thick of it with her three young children. She enjoys sharing her parenting tips with other moms and dads in the hopes of making their parenting journey just a tiny bit easier. Visit her at and follow her on social media.

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