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Shine Solar – Installing Happiness

by: Kendra Perkins

Kerry and Elizabeth Miller sit on their living room floor playing with their one-year-old twins, Ashford and Finley. Toys are everywhere as the twins create havoc on the living room. Ashford plays with his cars, and looks for large items to tip over to see what would make the loudest noise. Finley wears her stylish necklace and sunglasses as she talks to her toys the entire time. Pacha, their dog, sits on the floor next to the twins, keeping a watchful eye on them and occasionally playing along.

Kerry and Elizabeth met in December 2013 after connecting on Match.com. Their first date was meeting at a Thai restaurant in Fayetteville, and their second date was on New Year’s Eve. After dating for a little more than a year, Kerry proposed to Elizabeth with the ring attached to their puppy’s collar and a sign that said “Will you marry Daddy?” (because who can say no to a puppy?) The two had an intimate and beautiful wedding in October in the backyard of their first home.

They loved their first home with its huge backyard, but, when the time came, a year and a half ago, they moved into their current home. Shortly after, Ashford and Finley came into their lives, bringing happiness, laughs and lots of diapers. Life has become pretty hectic for the little family, so Kerry and Elizabeth have become obsessed about one of the constants that they have in their lives: the ownership of their energy.

How do solar panels work? As a homeowner or business owner who is considering the installation of solar panels, you may be wondering how solar works. After all, before you commit to energy ownership, you want to be sure you have a solid understanding of how solar works and how it can serve as a cost-effective option for you and your home or business.

When Kerry had first introduced the idea of going solar to his wife, she was reluctant to look into the expensive investment. Kerry had grown up in a community with huge supporters of solar energy–his childhood home had even had solar panels on it! During that time, the technology with solar energy was still growing and developing. He watched as solar technology developed and became cheaper, so, when he saw an ad on Facebook for Shine Solar, he already had the idea of wanting to go solar.

Elizabeth enjoyed the idea of solar energy, but couldn’t imagine how the numbers could work out and how they could afford such a change. She wanted to see a spreadsheet with numbers to prove solar would be worth it for her family. So, they decided to get a free analysis from Shine Solar to see if solar would even work for their home. (It was free after all, so why not try?) The numbers came back, and solar wasn’t just possible for them, but it would save them money! This was the final motivator for the couple to take the leap and begin the process to go solar.

After they flipped the switch and started watching their net meter go back, the Millers were already thinking of their next green project. They installed smart thermostats in their home so they could have greater control over their home’s air conditioning and lower their electrical bills. They also switched all their light bulbs to LED lightbulbs that are more environmentally friendly, and don’t put off heat, thus saving more energy by not increasing surrounding temperatures. Plans are already in the works for the Millers to further insulate their doors, so as to prevent drafts and keep the heat in the house during the wintertime.

Since they took ownership of their energy, solar has become a part of every day for Elizabeth and Kerry. They will proudly tell you how much energy their solar panels are producing each day, as they check it regularly. As solar is spreading across northwest Arkansas, the Millers take notice of all the homes and businesses that are also producing their own energy. Many of the families in Kerry and Elizabeth’s neighborhood discuss the benefits of going solar, and how they would like to do it themselves. Kerry and Elizabeth’s response is always, “Go for it!” While installing solar might not work on every home, a free analysis can help families better educate themselves on the opportunities they have to go green.

Going off or staying on the Grid.
Most homeowners choose to stay “on the grid” after installing a solar panel system. When you stay on the grid, your home continues to be powered by the electric company. When your home makes solar energy, that energy is fed back to the grid and credited toward your account. In this way, you are guaranteed to have a constant flow of energy, even on days that are exceptionally cloudy, and also during the nighttime. If you choose to go “off the grid,” you will need to have batteries that are capable of storing power to be used during those times when your solar module cannot capture enough energy from the sun to fulfill your needs at the time.

While solar energy may be too much to teach their twins right now, the Millers are already working on teaching their son and daughter about the Earth. They often take the twins out into their garden, teaching them as they work out in the yard about how food is made. Kerry and Elizabeth love the outdoors and plan to take their kids out camping and canoeing often as they get older, and hope to someday build a family cabin that they can visit on the weekends. The Miller family have a great future ahead of them, with exciting outdoor adventures, clean energy and plenty of sunshine.

Shine Solar, LLC provides clean energy as a leading full-service residential solar provider in the states of Arkansas and Missouri.  Shine customers save money, increase the value of their property, and take advantage of significant tax advantages by purchasing solar arrays and generating their own electricity. “Installing happiness” is the Shine focus, and the company demonstrates that mission, both with its exceptional customer service, and the individualized attention given to each customer in each step, from design, engineering, permitting, monitoring and maintenance.

Shine Solar, LLC has offices in Bentonville, AR and Springfield, MO.
To find out more, visit www.shinesolar.com, or call 844-80-SHINE.
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