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Until you have children, you don’t quite realize just how much of a challenge it is to find the right cups for you and your little ones. All of them either leak or break easily, and if they don’t, then they either aren’t dishwasher safe or have 100 parts to clean out. That is why we love the cups from Silipint for the whole family! Want to have tie-dye wine on the beach? Personalized no-spill sippy cups at daycare? An easy-to-clean dog bowl on camping trips? A glow-in-the-dark pint glass for a midnight pick-me-up (because why not)? For all of these situations, and countless more, Silipint has you covered, with their brightly colored and patterned silicone drinking containers! Silipint was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2010 by Rick Fredland, who was inspired by the versatility and usefulness of silicone. After all, silicone is cheap, durable, doesn’t shatter (!), and is soft and malleable in the curious little hands of your children (and furry friends). We especially love the Silicone Travel Lid in tie-dye ‘Hippie Hops,’ which fits Silipint wine glasses, pint glasses, sippy cups, and tumblers.

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