What Just Happened? A Birth Story Like No Other

March 13, 2014 was my 31st birthday. I was 39 weeks pregnant, and that evening was going to be the first anniversary party of my flower shop, PIGMINT. I had my party outfit on, my hair and makeup done, but I never made it to my own party.

After lunch, I started feeling crampy. I quickly finished payroll, then asked my husband to come pick me up. He pulled up in front of the building, but I had to go to the bathroom… and then my water broke all over the bathroom. All I could think about was that a hundred people were going to be there that night for a party, and I had just made a huge mess.

So, I started cleaning the bathroom, all the while groaning like livestock. My husband was on the other side of the door, pleading for me to come out. Once the bathroom was clean, I opened the door, my contractions incredibly strong by this point. I went wailing through the flower shop. Luckily, just one regular customer was in the shop, and she said, “Uh… I can come back. I don’t have to have flowers right now.” Two employees led me to the back seat of my husband’s car. I was on all fours, hugging my two-year-old’s car seat. My first was a home birth, and I had planned a home birth for this baby.

My husband called the midwife, Shawn House, to tell her we were 5 minutes from home. While he was on the phone, I was feeling a lot of pressure. He hung up, and I said, “Tony. Pull over. The head is out.” We were on Wedington Drive in Fayetteville, where there really is no shoulder. So, my husband quickly pulled half up on the sidewalk, half blocking someone’s driveway. Our son was born after one push, and 40 minutes of labor, at 1:00PM on my birthday, at the corner of Wedington and Sang in the backseat of our car. The baby didn’t cry right away, and, while I was thinking, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” I could hear my husband saying, “Come on baby, come on baby…” over nothing but cars whizzing by. My husband cried like a little girl when our son finally started crying!

My phone was in arm’s reach, so I called the midwife to tell her what happened. She started laughing, which really eased my tension. We were blocks from the house, so I said we would meet her there. Tony handed me the baby (still attached) wrapped up in his sweater. My first thought was, “No one is ever going to believe this!” Since my phone was right there, I even snapped a selfie of the two of us!

We pulled up to the house, and my mom and midwife pulled in right behind us. The midwife got me situated, and asked me if my husband wanted to cut the cord. He was pacing in the front yard, crying on the phone to his mom. I said, “I think he’s had enough for today!”

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